Hello, I'm Hao. Hao are you?

MPS Candidate at ITP, NYU

How could advertising and technology merged perfectly to solve client’s problem in the future? That’s the question I’ve been asking myself when I was working in ad agency. Now I’m studying technology and design in Interactive Telecommunication Program at NYU, trying to find the answer. Focusing on interactive experience, installation art and creative idea development, my projects are related to web, interaction design, social behavior. Download my resume.

30 Days of Unity

Individual Project, 2017
Unity 3D, 30 days of making

Iteration and its impact on my creative process is the theme of this project. The goal is to teach myself Unity by continuously making projects in 30 days.

Let Go Machine

Thesis Project, 2017
Installation, Experience Design, Unity 3D

Let Go Machine is an interactive installation that provides a guided meditation experience for people who suffer from memories of regret. The participant will experience a mindful meditation practice through deep breathing, intuitive drawing, an embodied cognition exercise, and finally release the negativity of regret.

Hip-hop Feast

Individual Project, 2016
Web, Hip-hop Data Visualization

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See concept and progress below:

FACE-OFF Chatroom

Individual Project, 2016
Live Web, Chatroom, Face Detection

How does it feel like if we can be anonymous when video chatting with others? What's the feeling of speaking to yourself? FACE-OFF chatroom is a live web application that allows users to change their face while video chatting. Web socket, peer.js, clmtracker face track library are being used in this project.

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Demo video

Fun Coding

Individual Project, 2016
Generative Art, Processing

Coming soon...

Time Factory

Pop-up Windows @NYU Skirball Center, 2016
NYU ITP Wintershow, 2016
Window Display, Installation

Watch breakfast be time x-rayed in this cutting edge factory.
By Hao Tseng, Corbin Ordel, Danielle Butler.

Cow Chaos

Individual Project, 2017
Chrome Extension, Social

Tangible Interface

Individual Project, 2017
Physical Computing, Controller

"Lunar Lander RM59106" is a custom controller for the famous website game: Lunar Lander. By hacking a VCR remote controller, I created a better interface to control boost, left and right.

"Compares to the original controls: WASD Keys, a jog shuttle is more intuitive to control left and right. To control the fuel usage by rotary encoder can also easily manage the power. Here's a demo video of playing Lunar Lander with "RM59106":

Stick Vote

Taipei 4A Advertising Award, 2014
Design for change, Non-profit


Group Project with Kylin Chen, 2015
Physical computing, Installation

CD Pixels

Individual Project, 2015
Computer Vision, Processing


Maker Faire Taipei, 2015
Installation, Processing

[e]motion is graphic generator which can detect user’s feeling through the colors you choose and record it down. It has been displayed in Maker Faire Taipei 2015 and was written in Processing.

We provided an experience for people to create their own graphic of emotions and print it out for them to keep emotions. We visualize their emotions as dots, which is the basic element of all shapes, and red, blue, yellow colors to compose how feelings (happy, mad, sad…etc) look like. People can press bottoms of three colors to influence the generate pattern of the picture (the amount and the generate speed of the dots, moving direction is random ).

3D Music Video

Individual Project, 2015
Computer Vision, Processing

3D Music Video is a piece which splits plain into parts by color, creates moving images by highlighting the main subject. Audiences are recommended to wear 3d glasses, in order to become part of the video.

Baseball Poetry

Individual Project, 2015
Electronic Text, Python

Interactive Equilizer

Individual Project, 2015
P5.js, Creative Coding

Full experience please click here

Sound Imaging

Individual Project, 2015

Sound Imaging is a project about illustrating surroundings by sound. By reading pixels from each frame, I transform the image composition into waveforms. I did a few experiment on videos of concerts, street performances.

Starry Lamp

Individual Project, 2015
Fabrication, Crafting

Starry Lamp is a CNC router machine project. I designed the whole part by Vectorworks, the body part is assembled by secret-finger joinery.

Butts In Bucket

Individual Project, 2015
Design For Change

Coming Soon...


Individual Project, 2015
Fabrication, Music

Kalimba is a project of Intro to Fabrication class, in this project I've learned the basic of fabrication, includes manipulating wood shaping machines, designing structure and texture mixing.

Brainwave Minions

Group Project, 2016
Biosensing, Physical Computing

Brainwave Minions is a biosensing project, detecting player's brainwave and muscle movement by EEG(electroencephalogram), EMG(electromyography) signals. The concept is to make people feel that everyone hold great power in their minds.

Rain Bridge

Group Project, 2016
Design For Change, Projection Mapping